Celebrate "six one"

Date: 2016-06-06  Views: 1234

Sent off the golden May, 2016 International celebrate the "6.1" Children's Day, our EDC Committee with the same feelings of the sun gathered in Wuhu Hong King Electronics Co., Ltd., for the grand King baby to celebrate this grand festival. In this grand King EDC Committee on behalf of all employees of the company warmly welcome!
        Dear grand view baby, "61" sunshine, "61" flowers, "61" blue sky, are in your blessing ... ... "61" is happy, let us all baby one Up with sweet songs, beautiful dance, nice story boldly express their happy mood, to express their father and mother, teachers and uncle, aunt's concern!
       "61" is the children's grand festivals! Let us wish the grand King baby happy holidays, health and happiness, thrive!
         Finally, the macro King electronic "singing and dancing celebration '61' activities" a complete success! Zhu Hongjing electronic health of all employees, family happiness, all the best! EDC Council wish better and better!


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