Grand View successfully completed the first exhibition tour - Shanghai International Auto Parts & Accessories Exhibition & Shanghai International Auto New Energy & Functional Technology Exhibition

Date: 2016-07-05  Views: 1471

 In Shanghai New International Expo Center for a three-day 2016 Shanghai International Auto Parts and related exhibitions and the Shanghai International Automotive New Energy and intellectual

Technology exhibition has come to an end, I successfully completed the trip to the exhibition.

    Although our company is the first time to participate in such exhibition, but the rigorous review, serious program, effective products, professional team, so that the exhibition trip was wonderful!

     Carefully examined and decided to exhibitors

      To get the invitation letter and related information, I carefully organize the leadership of the Division audit, and ultimately decided to participate in the opening of the first tour of the exhibition ring.




                                               参展手册                                                                   展会合同

Three programs to finalize the team

             In order to better show our image and products, the design of the exhibition after three major changes made, the product is filtered through layers of screening; in order to better

  I show the Secretary for the products and strength, is a full professional team to go!

                              mmexport1467617997439.jpg                   mmexport1467618020657.jpg                   mmexport1467097809485.jpg

Huaguang early release compelling

             Three days of the exhibition, our booth bustling: new energy BMS get a lot of attention, especially BMS technology, attracting many visitors come to the consultation; diverse

  Intelligent terminal platform is also quite compelling, especially the large-screen smart car terminal is the most eye-catching.

                     mmexport1467618031346.jpg                                                           mmexport1467097894421.jpg


The successful conclusion of a very productive

              Through this exhibition, our products and technology to get a good display platform, our company to further grasp the market dynamics and needs; this exhibition not only for the future

  Division I to participate in the exhibition and open up the market to complete a practical teaching, more Division I after the product direction laid a certain foundation.

    2016 Shanghai International Auto Parts and related services exhibition and the Shanghai International Auto New Energy and Functional Technology Exhibition to "innovative technology, intelligent interpretation" as its theme, from Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, China, Taiwan Province of China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of 12 countries and regions, about 1,500 Chinese and foreign exhibitors.



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